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Version 5.0

As Yahtzee points out, Painkiller is an all-out action game.  It had a few cut scenes outlining some kind of story but they left much to be desired.  I always thought there was a story in there trying to get out.  So, at a point when not much was happening in my life, I decided to write the film script:
“In Purgatory or The Painkiller”.  

I intended it to be a really “bad” B-movie with loads of special effects and gratuitous violence :)  This was entirely for fun and I wouldn’t know how to market it.  I know the film rights to Painkiller have been sold and a film was in production, scheduled for release in 2010.  It never happened.  It wouldn’t have been as good as mine, anyway :)

Otherwise, I’ve made a tedious number of Painkiller vids over the years.
Painkiller - Heaven’s Got a Hitman
For someone who plays a lot of shooters, I’m an awful shot, so here’s how to tackle things without moving too much.
Abandoned Factory 1 - Fun with crates.
Abandoned Factory 2 - At the end of Pt. 1, I was stuck on a silo.  You can get down.
Babel - I liked the “Shotgun Practice”.
Palace - With added hallucinations.
Forest - On Trauma.  No scratch.  Painkiller only.
Hell - All those ghostly priests to kill.  Not a problem.
Soul Catching
Can you collect all the Souls in Painkiller?  You certainly can and my end-of-level screens have been peer-reviewed elsewhere.  Here are some related vids

“City on Water” was by far the hardest level to get them all.  Here’s a complete walkthrough:
Video 1 - From Start to Checkpoint 1 including all the tricky enemies on roofs and in inaccessible buildings
Video 2 - From Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 4 including clearing all the external balconies.
Video 3 - From Checkpoint 4 to Checkpoint 5 including those two little devils on the roof around the courtyard.
Video 4 - From Checkpoint 5 to Checkpoint 6 including clearing “St Mark’s” and avoiding a bug with a disappearing enemy.
Video 5 - From Checkpoint 6 to Checkpoint 8 including more tricky balconies.
Video 6 - From Checkpoint 8 to Checkpoint 9 including avoiding losing souls in the water and some very awkward souls on roof tops.
Video 7 - From Checkpoint 9 to the End including the final punch-up (easy) and getting the Hell’s Angel on the roof (not so easy).

Or if you just want a flavour, here’s a compilation vid of some of the hardest souls to get throughout the entire game:
Soul Catching - A Tribute to the  Painkiller - The toughest souls from Catacombs, Cathedral, Opera, Snowy Bridge, Town, Babel and CoW all using the Painkiller only.  There are some out takes at the end to prove it’s not as easy as it looks!
One Shot
So, here’s the challenge.  You’re allowed one shot or combo with any of the weapons.  How many demons can you take out?  Here are my “how to” vids as I went along.
Babel - A mere 22 kills but it’s a start.
Abandoned Factory - Getting better, with 32 kills
Military Base - My best attempt, never beaten as far as I know.  How many kills?  Check it out.

If you don’t want to see how, just the result, then here’s a compilation vid:
One Shot - Accompanied by Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” for obvious reasons!

Some months later I got a much more powerful PC.  The kills in Ab. Fac.  were pretty spectacular.  I wondered how the action would look with my new graphics card.  I actually beat my original Ab. Fac. tally but this vid was mainly for fun.
It’s Raining Men - Or, at least, parts of men :)
Fun, Fun, Fun
The Pain engine and AI lends itself to making some very silly things possible.  Here’s some vids taking advantage of those very things.

Lemmings - The very first Painkiller vid I ever made.  Get to this balcony and watch the enemy take care of themselves.

Lemmings 2 - Having discovered the Lemmings technique, I wondered if I could make it happen elsewhere.  You can :)

Old Monastery - Silly things to do and yet another Lemmings moment.

Jump - So many of the Secrets in Painkiller depend on your ability to jump.  I was useless but then I upgraded to a much more powerful PC.  Suddenly things were much easier.  Here’s a celebration.  Some out takes as well

Ab. Fac. Morph - After a long break from PK, I was recovering from an illness and wanted to do a bit of comfort gaming.  I loaded Painkiller with the intention of getting all the cards as I went along.  The card condition for Ab. Fac. Is to kill 30 enemies while morphed.  I came to this “One Shot” area and thought it might be possible in a single morph.  It was.

Ab. Fac Morphs - I posted that last vid on Dark’s Corner.  Kalme told me the original card condition was, actually, to kill 30 enemies in a single morph, just as I’d done as a one-off.  This was considered insanely hard and it was changed to the much easier condition.  So, just how hard would it have been?  They should have kept the original condition :D