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Version 5.0

Painkiller - Battle Out Of Hell
The second game in the series and made by the original developers, People Can Fly.  However, knowing existing Painkiller players were the target audience, they upped the difficulty level.  “Leningrad” is widely considered to be one of the toughest levels from either of  the original games.

I was playing BOOH in the days before I was making vids.  I wrote “A Campers Guide to ....” in case anyone was getting stuck.  If I could do it, I’m pretty sure anyone could do it :)

I didn’t do much recording in BOOH.  Perhaps it didn’t quite offer the scope of the original.  However, I did make a few “novelty” vids.

Colosseum Balcony - A novel way of getting up to the balcony by the “war machines”.

Dead City PK Jump - A fluke opportunity to get the last Holy Item.

Lemmings 3 - Yep.  Lemmings moments happen in BOOH, too ;)