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Version 5.0

Painkiller: Overdose
Overdose introduced a new lead character, Belial, added some new weapons and re-skinned others.  The dev's made the mistake of letting Belial speak (a la Duke Nukem).  This was not well received!

Since the dev's were Painkiller fans themselves, they made the levels very hard indeed, to the point where they were clearly unbalanced.  It was only sheer bloody mindedness that got me through Japanese Massacre on Trauma.  A patch was released later to try and ease the difficulty level.

Needless to say, I survived by resorting to camping on a vast scale!  Unlike BOOH, this time I could make the vids.  So here’s a complete guide to camping your way through Overdose on Trauma.  Still bl**dy hard, though!

The Overdose Defence
Air Combat Pt 1 - I had huge problems surviving the first three sections.  This is my final solution.
Air Combat Pt 2 - The rest was pretty easy.
Animal Farm - I thought this level was very funny, especially the exploding chickens :)
Asteroids - A couple of good spots and a perfect Lemmings moment.
Cataclysm - A heck of a level to start with.  Surprisingly tough.
Desert Pt 1 - This was a camper’s dream!  Places to hide everywhere.
Desert Pt2 - The final fight in the “Senate” completed by standing in one place!
Dead Marsh - A completely lethal level only relieved by a couple of camping spots.  There’s an almost-Lemmings moment.
Field Ambulance - An easy level even without the many camping spots
Haunted Valley - I loved the fairytale feel but with lethal demons!
Japanese Massacre - My personal Bete Noir.  Hard as heck and nowhere to hide.
Loony Park - The BOOH level revisited.  If you knew the original, only the galleons at the end caused you a problem.  And there were Lemmings in the first one and here too :)
Nuclear Plant Pt 1 - Lots of camping spots
Nuclear Plant Pt 2 - Even more camping spots
Ragnarok Pt 1 - The AI for some of the new demons is satisfyingly terrible.  They can’t even make it up a slope!
Ragnarok Pt 2 - Another slope, more dead demons.  And a Lemmings moment
Riot - The riot cops were particularly tough.  I hated those shields.
Studio - A lovely idea masking another lethal level.  I hated those Electricians but get my revenge :)
Village of the Damned - Damned easy :)

As you can see, there were some Lemmings dotted about the vids.  I brought them all together, plus an extra from the final boss fight in
Lemmings 4Ever