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Version 5.0

I love “Hills”!  It’s a one-man mod but it’s completely original, is spectacular to look at and is a serious challenge for the most hardened Painkiller player.  Unlike the traditional Painkiller play of “trapping” you in a single area at a time, Varus, the creator, gives you a single area to explore.  You can go anywhere right from the start of the map.  You beat the level by getting all the Holy Items.  This means you have to tackle all the “secrets” and some are fiendishly difficult.  He even tweaked the AI of some of the enemies to suit the game.  You can get it for free from Varus’ site,  The Hall of Pain.  If you love Painkiller, you must play this.

It’s hard enough on Nightmare but Trauma is insane.  Why?  Well, Varus decided to only put one  checkpoint in the entire map!  Not a problem when you can make your own saves but with saves turned off on Trauma, you have to be very careful when you decide to take that checkpoint.  I avoided a Trauma run for ages but it had to be done.  I went through on Nightmare plotting the best route for minimal damage.  I did, indeed, beat it on Trauma.  I put all my notes into a walkthrough for anyone else daft enough to want to try :)

Camping in the Hills or Greybeard’s 1* Trauma Run for the Elderly and Infirm

Many months later, with a shiny new copy of GameCam installed, I decided to make the vid of the walkthrough.  It was recorded on Nightmare so I could do it in ‘chunks’ for the sake of the recording but it follows the Trauma plan.  

Camping in the Hills
Hills 1 - Holy Items 1 & 2, out of the Pit and tackling the Golden Bull Altar
Hills 2 - Only Holy Item 3 but you clear the Steps and the Terraces.
Hills 3 - Holy Items 4 - 6 plus the dreaded Viaduct
Hills 4 - Only Holy Item 7 but you clear the Battlements after which they’ll come thick’n’fast
Hills 5 - Holy Items 8 to 15 and a checkpoint at last!
Hills 6 - Holy Items 16 - 18, the Rope Bridge and the Spiral Steps.

It’s a long time since I’ve looked at these vids.  Watching them again, to link them here, I remembered two things about Hills.  Some of the jumps are completely insane and I HATE BATS :)