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Version 5.0

Painkiller: Resurrection
This is a sad story.  This instalment of Painkiller was being made by real fans of the franchise, including some of the most well-known modders.  There were high hopes that this would be “PK2”.  Sadly, this was not to be.

I know some background to the development and there are many things I cannot comment upon, even on a web site few will ever read.  Suffice it to say the developers never received the resources or support they expected and were forced to release the game before it was complete.  

Its reception by the PK community and reviewers was predictable and harsh.  Much less was delivered than expected and the MP part of the game was barely playable.  

That said, what was delivered as the single player game was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  So, here are some of the good things.
Our new protagonist, “Wild” Bill Sherman, is a professional hit man who, while trying to car-bomb his latest victims, takes out a school bus and himself, while trying to stop the bus.  Thus, he finds himself in Purgatory but working for whom?

It’s a nice little story delivered as a graphic novel rather than animated cut-scenes.  These intersperse the gameplay.  All the original weapons return (after the Overdose changes) and a new one added (two were promised originally).  Many of the secrets are insanely hard (perhaps too hard) and there are still a number I am yet to find, yet alone get.  The levels were also linked thematically, with a medieval look and feel, that I liked a lot.  Instead of lots of small maps, fewer, much larger maps were introduced, some of which were non-linear in the manner of an RPG.   This split the community but I liked it.  It does change the nature of the game, however.  

You no longer had to kill everything or indeed find all of the map to complete the level.  This led to some interesting anomalies.  You could run through maps, avoiding the action altogether.  This made completing Trauma pretty easy.  I made a couple of videos showing this.  

The Forbidden Valley - A Very Slow Speed Run -  This was an early demonstration of how to by-pass much of the map with little effort.  I go quite well until I have to kill something!

High Seas - A Trauma run in 6:58 - The High Seas level is huge.  If you are used to “traditional” Painkiller levels, watch this and be amazed.  I wanted to prove how easy Trauma could be, so I ran from one end to the other!

I quickly figured that Trauma would be easy.  I decided that the real challenge would be a soul collecting run, as I had done on the original game.  This would mean I’d have to visit every part of the maps, kill everything and in the “right order”.  I knew the game hadn’t been designed with this in mind.  So, when I set out, no one, least of all me, knew if it was actually possible.  It is and here are some vids to prove it.

Soul Catching in the Gloomy Mountains - This shows one particular part of the Mountains.  Getting all the souls was tough to start with but why was I always one short?

The Resurrection Shuffle - Instead of just publishing stats screens to show my “success”, I thought I’d build them into a fun vid.  The Demons would often commit suicide of their own accord due to the level design but I did find one, true Lemming moment.