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Version 5.0

Finally, People Can Fly, the developers of Painkiller, got to make their own game, again.  Like Painkiller, it was beautifully realised, completely off the wall and not like any other game on the market.

The USP was to “kill with skill”.  Instead of sneaking, ducking for cover and carefully sniping, you got points for eliminating the opposition in originally violent ways :D  The points could be spent on equipment upgrades.

To help you in this, you had the sort of weapons you’d expect from PCF, including guidable sniper bullets and bouncing cannon balls.  However, the stars were The Leash and The Kick.  Both would put your opponent in slow-time allowing you to set up some truly outrageous kills.
I played through the SP campaign many times, getting all the available skillshots.  The game also offered  a co-op mode called Anarchy.  On a fixed map, you and your companions face wave after, increasingly difficult, wave of enemies.  Not only do  you have to kill them all, you have to beat a certain number of points to advance to the next wave.  

My long-time Painkiller friend, cyody, and I took the challenge on.  When we had beaten all the maps, we decided to go for the “Anarchy Master Award”.  Score 50000 points on a single wave!!!

We set out on the “easiest” map, first - Dead Rock.  It took a lot of tries
Not satisfied with that, we knew it was also possible on Junkyard
At the end of Junkyard, you hear us agree “That was hard!”.  However, we had a sneaking suspicion that it could be done on Grand Central.  We tried but couldn’t do it.  Some new Anarchy maps were released and as we were playing those, we developed a new technique that we thought might work on Grand Central.  As far as I know, we’re the only people in the world to have done this.
Finally, some trivia.  As I played through the SP campaign, I found the odd glitch.  Always amusing.  I set them to some old pop songs.

Keep on Running - Trishka gets into shape by running on the spot and Ishi likes to watch :)

Hanging Around - What happens when you Leash an enemy between two man-eating plants and they strike simultaneously?  This.

Middle of Nowhere - You’re racing to save Trishka.  You slam open the door and ... WTF!