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The Painkiller Games
Painkiller was a 2004 game developed by People Can Fly and released by DreamCatcher, now defunct.  I know it’s not an all-time-great game, like Half-Life or Deus Ex, but I just loved it.  I am not alone in this.  See what that old curmudgeon, Yahtzee, said in his Zero Punctuation review:
Battle Out Of Hell
There are many Painkiller games available
The originals were made by People Can Fly

Painkiller: Heaven’s Got a Hitman” was the first and the best.

Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell” was an expansion pack by People Can Fly.  It picks up the story where the original left off.

Then a number of other developers picked up the franchise with varying degrees of success.


Painkiller: Overdose” - This started out as a side project by the Mindware games dev's but was picked up by JoWood and released commercially.  It introduced a new lead character and was not well received by the fans.


Painkiller: Resurrection” - A group of some of the best  Painkiller modders picked up the franchise.  They came up with a different approach.  Instead of many discrete chapters, they used a few, much larger maps with a commensurate number of enemies.  I liked it but many didn’t.


“Painkiller: Redemption” and “Painkiller: Recurring Evil”  - These gave us some new maps but focused on action, with lots of enemies to kill, rather than anything really new.



Hills - Machu Picchu: Gold of the Inkas” - Last, but far from least, this is an almost professional mod from a well-known PK devotee, Varus.  Unlike most PK levels, this is not linear.  It’s more like a “Far Cry” island.  It’s also fiendishly hard!  See the links, below, for Varus’s site to download a copy.  Highly recommended.

If you want to know more about Painkiller then here are some links to some of my favourite Painkiller sites.  The official sites have now closed after the demise of JoWood/DreamCatcher, the publishers.  But these fan sites should tell you all you want to know.


All About Painkiller - From RJ19.  As well as his  own speed runs, he links to lots of Painkiller information.  I particularly like his section showing the real life places on which some of the Painkiller maps were based.


Hall of Pain -  From Varus.  I’m not sure if Varus is mainly a modder or mainly a machinema creator.  Check out his spectacular site for all the Painkiller secrets and more.  You’ll also find lots of information about, and be able to download, “Hills” here.


Painkiller Revealed -  Lots of good stuff here.  It is also the current source for Powermad.  This is a community-developed tool that gives you a vast number of cheat options but, most importantly, fixes many bugs not addressed by official patches.  Invaluable.


Painkiller.euro - Concentrates on Painkiller’s multi-player element but with general stuff as well.


Dark’s Corner - From DarkInfinity.  You’ll find a lot of old Painkiller fans knocking about in the forums ... of whom, I’m the oldest!  Dark, along with Kalme, was heavily involved in the Painkiller: Resurrection project.



For my Painkiller bits and pieces, use the menus on the left or the images and links above.

“Painkiller: Hell & Damnation” - In 2012, The Farm 51 (developers of “NecroVisoN” and home to many of the original PK team) were given the franchise.  They decided to “re-boot” the original game, using the Unreal engine, to bring it up to date.  


It looked much “prettier” but the Unreal engine didn’t lend itself to the jumping and sheer enemy numbers of the original.  However, it was nice to see that the enemy AI was as dumb as ever :)


Lemmings in HD - Nice to know they’re still around even on a modern engine.