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Version 5.0

This was a game made by The Farm 51, a team that included many of the original developers of Painkiller.  It wasn’t a big seller or ground breaking.  However, it was huge fun to play.  It is the only FPS I’ve ever played that made melee not only viable but a key part of the game play.  The Shovel was one of my favourite weapons :D

I enjoyed it so much that a Painkiller friend of mine, BloodBuster, and I put together a web site covering all the stuff that wasn’t available on the Net.  This included all the secret areas.  Blood & I sought them out together but Blood made the vids.  I enjoyed the Challenge Rooms which were played alongside the main plot.  So, I did some Challenge Room vids and also some “novelty” vids.  That web site ran its course and we took it off-line.  Here’s a selection of some of my contributions.

Serious Uncle Sam - The final Challenge Room.  Kill 500 enemies in 15 minutes :o  I was doing well until some Vampire Beasts appear.  So, I had to find a way to avoid them.
Missing the Train - At one point, you’re supposed to get into one of the Vampire Trains and take a ride - until it’s attacked and crashes.  What if you don’t bother to ride?
Meeting Tolkien - You can have a chat with J R R Tolkien, author of “Lord of the Rings” and a WWI veteran, but you can miss him.
A Very Dodgy Combo - NVN names all it’s special attacks.  This one cracked me up :D

All our original secrets videos have been archived here
Even though it wasn’t a massively popular game, a prequel was released - NecroVisioN: Lost Company.  

This time you play the German scientist who was the original bearer of the ShadowHand.  It was bit buggy but the main problems were fixed by a patch eventually.  However, it still had the great NVN gameplay that I so enjoy.  A couple of vids came out of my playthroughs.

Tough but Stupid - At one point you meet this incredibly resilient demon who has more health points than sense :)
Platform - Finally, I made this for a friend who didn’t quite “get” the game.  This vid is all I find fun and exciting about both the NVN games.  Just you, the ShadowHand and NecroVisioN!