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Version 5.0

I’d never got involved with the on-line, multi-player side of gaming.  Strictly a single-player man.  However, TF2 got great reviews and looked like a lot of fun.  I thought I’d try it out.

That decided, where to play?  I know that many servers are populated by foul-mouthed, hyperactive teens who would give short shrift to some old bloke who wanted to learn the game.  After a bit of research, I found the UKMANDOWN web site and games servers.  

UKMANDOWN was created by a guy called MoggieX.  He played an on-line game called Counter Strike:Source.  As a ‘middle aged’ player, he was sick to death of the aforementioned idiot teens and so set up his own site.  This expanded to include many other games including TF2.
He decided his servers would have no time for cheats, swearing, racist or sexist remarks of any kind and generally no “Twats”.  The servers are advertised as “n00b-friendly”.  I posted on the forums saying I was a complete novice and was that really ok.  “Come on in” they replied and were absolutely true to their word.  Nowadays, I’m a member of that very friendly community.  You’ll find me in-game as |UKMD| Greybeard.

Anyone joining UKMANDOWN  commits themselves to actively helping all newcomers to the games.  Ordinary members also get limited admin commands  to help them ‘police’ the servers.  Consequently, they are very safe places for people of all ages to play.  We have a number of whole families that take part together - Mum, Dad & Kids.  This makes them very popular and UKMD is now the biggest gaming community in the world, with over 500 members.  I can’t imagine wanting to play anywhere else and so, for me, UKMD and TF2 are joined at the hip.

I’ve made a couple of vids aimed at the TF2/UKMD community.  The fact that neither demonstrate any “skillz” on my part says something about how bad I am at this game and how UKMD prefer a good laugh to being “133t”

UKMD Pyro Sports Day -  In which a bunch of us got together to see what we could do with the Pyro’s compression blast.

Bulletproof - Having fun as a Medic on our servers.