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Version 5.0

FEAR Games
Let’s face it, the FEAR games are a bit of a one-trick pony.  They’re all about close range fire fights plus slo-mo.  But it is one heck of a trick and I continue to buy into the franchise when a new one arises.  To date, we have the original “F.E.A.R.”, its expansion packs “Extraction Point” & “Perseus Mandate”.  

Then came FEAR 2.  Graphically, it was outstanding, answering all the criticisms of the previous generation.  However, it wasn’t sufficiently different from its forbears to really warrant the “2”.  It was more of a pretty expansion pack.

FEAR 3 introduces co-op play.  As well as “Point Man” his brother, and old enemy, Paxton Fettel also turns up.  You can play as either character and you can also work together in 2-person co-op.  This was the first DX11 game I’d played and is accordingly impressive visually.

I had most fun with “Extraction Point”.  In particular, the introduction of portable turrets.  Killing things when I’m out of range is my perfect scenario :)  You do need to have played the game to fully understand these vids but I publish them as further evidence of my cowardice :)
Ambush - This is the ambush in the freight yard.  Once I get into position and my trusty turrets are set up I barely have to move, bar popping out for a little slo-mo blasting from time to time.  No scratch.

Epilogue - The final fight before getting to the “extraction” helicopter.  More turrets and you barely move from the entry room.

Running Away - If I can’t camp, then I’ll run away!  How to avoid some of the nastier fights just by running like a mad thing.

Tricks and Traps - Artificial set-ups, I know, but fun :)  I particularly liked watching our annoying, red-eyed, transparent friends throwing themselves at a turret.