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SiN: Emergence
Play this while you’re reading - “What’s the World Come To”

SiN was a nice little game franchise from the early 1990’s.  Unfortunately, it found itself competing with Half-Life and never made the impact it should have.  It lay dormant until Ritual picked it up and decided to make a series of short games (episodes), based on the original characters, using Valve’s Source engine.

The first of these episodes was SiN: Emergence.  It was a lovely, straightforward shooter but, being Ritual, they included a load of secrets to find and some silliness with the return of the iconic Dopefish.  I loved it.

Unfortunately, Ritual hit cash flow problems, were taken over and the planned series never happened.  Even in the short time it was around it developed a very enthusiastic fan base.  A lot of video’s were made by the guys on the official forum and these were my contributions.
Pursuit Boss -  How to take out the big Quad in “Pursuit” with minimum effort.  I’d used this technique in “Serious Sam” in the past.  Reaction on the forum varied from amusement to accusations of cheating!  I wasn’t expecting to cause such a fuss.  One of the Ritual moderators said that it couldn’t be done at the hardest level, so ...

Pursuit Boss 2 - ... I did it at the hardest level and came out of it with more health than I went in.  The moderator asked me to send Ritual the save game because they couldn’t figure out how I did it :)

Finale Quad - Another Quad, another easy way to beat it :)

Bins, Boxes & Barrels - The Source engine allows you to pick things up very easily.  I build a few ‘structures’ to see if I can get off the beaten track.  This was all done without cheating or using something like “Garry’s Mod”.

SiN Fun -  Interesting and/or silly ways to do things.

Oh!  And the very professional song to which I hope you’ve been listening was the game theme.  For me, it’s up there with “Still Alive”.