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Other PC Games
I’ve played lots of other games but not all inspire me to make a guide, video or whatever.  Here’s a few minor bits and pieces from ‘everything else’.
I found TimeShift a very enjoyable little game.  It was hugely derivative and you could name the games they’d nicked ideas from.  However, I just loved being able to slow, stop and reverse time.  It led to some interesting puzzles and made for some hilarious sniping :)  Here’s a couple of vids I made to demonstrate this ability.

Propeller - How to get across the chasm caused by the crashed aircraft?  Use its, still moving, rotor blades.

Scaffold - The Right Way - A simple objective.  Get to the top of the scaffolding.  Just a little puzzle to shoot the rope holding the ramp and you’re done.  How can you go wrong ...?

Scaffold - The Wrong Way -  ... Well, I was so into the time manipulation thing, I was looking for a much more complex solution to truly “get to the top” of the scaffolding.  This is an elegant solution to a problem that wasn’t :)  It does show how the game let’s you use time shifting everywhere in the game and not just in particular set-ups.
Both the Elite Force games were pleasant little pass times.  They did recreate the Star Trek world very well, I thought.  However, not particularly inspiring stuff.  I played EF2 around the same time as SiN: Emergence.  Both games were made by Ritual and I spotted a similarity.  Go to my SiN page and check out the “Pursuit Boss” vid .  Now have a look at this.

Easy Quad - Ritual really should try to be more original :)
I enjoyed the original Bioshock but thought that it fell between the two stools of Shooter and RPG.  With Bioshock 2, 2K veered firmly towards the Shooter and, in my opinion, made a better game.  I played this through three times on the trot, including a run on “Hard” difficulty.  This is highly unusual for me.  It prompted me to make a few vids.

Big Sisters - Not many enemies in shooters are so tough that the game warns you when they are coming :o  So, taking on two at once required all my camping skills :).  This was at “Hard” difficulty.

EndGame - Here’s Dr. Lamb’s final assault as Eleanor and the Little Sisters try to escape.  More camping.  This was also at “Hard” difficulty and I managed it ”no scratch”.

Natural Camouflage and a Speargun - I loved Natural Camouflage from the first game.  Here I combine it with the wonderful Speargun for some fun clips.  Absolutely nothing serious but I hope it makes you laugh :)

Singularity was completely implausible and totally derivative.  However, its innumerable “gadgets” made it enormous fun to play and I enjoyed it.  One of the best features was the Seeker, a gun that lets you follow and steer its bullets!  I made a demo for some Painkiller pals (hence, the reference at the end.


Bending Bullets - The Seeker, a gun for those who can’t be bothered to aim!